Faith Of A Physicist

Faith Of A Physicist

11 thoughts on “Faith Of A Physicist”

    1. Thank you, Manja! I just acquired a lot of new “ephemera” to work with. I love collage more everyday. It’s direct visual thinking, often without the expression of “hand” (as there is in painting or drawing) which, in my opinion makes it harder to add ‘warmth’.
      I believe this process is one of the best ways to learn about composition. I asked myself why I didn’t work entirely digitally and realized that the handling of the paper is so full of pleasure. The quality and patina of old paper is pretty special.


      1. Oh, I think “hand” is implicit in collage too. I spent the last couple of days scratching the emulsion off photographic prints, much like etching. Cutting lines, too, are like drawn lines. Only tangible. There’s your warmth.
        Paper is good, no? I completely destroyed an antique book the other day. I was told I was crazy. “It was worth money”, I was told. Pfffff….

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      1. Are we using the word in the same way? I was referring to the careful placement of shapes on a textural surface, the space, an emphasis on design over (the obvious) luscious narrative.


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