Energy collage
collage on inked paper

10 thoughts on “Energy”

  1. Kudos for happy dino choosing to chomp on Oppenheimer. I would too. He’s the most lethal out of the lot, no?
    Can’t wait until my parcel of vintage love arrives. I was promised 23 books and half a kilo worth of loose images 😀 Collage heaven. Should lead to a more equal representation. I mean, all’s fair in Dirac’s Sea, hahaha!


    1. Possibly. Physics and military might make dangerous bed fellows. The narrative I’m pulling out of this batch of material satirizes the early and mid 20th century it seems.

      I am also anticipating a new lot of material this spring. And I expect less dark matter.


    1. I’m trying to figure out what you mean by waiting for the summer sun in reference to the work. Do you believe that my subject matter will lighten up with increasing day light and temperature? It’s true, I hate winter and it makes me gloomy. Even so…
      CROW prefers the shade, always has and always will.


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