2 thoughts on “Formalities”

  1. Interesting: I first had a more neutral and “playful” way of looking at this, but when I saw the title “Formalities”, my mind went towards identity, passports, identification… The many layers of what a person is, a set of dry data, combined with layers and layers of personality, memories, etc. It goes to show how much words steer us. Love them, btw, I can just keep looking, keep looking.

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  2. Thank you. I was happy to read your words. Words do steer us. When I put it together, the title “Formalities” was intended to have a double meaning, like the one you described but also meaning formal composition. I was reminded of Joseph Albers color compositions, the shapes only, not so much the theories represented.This was not as playful as some of the others, indeed.


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